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Welcome to Essentially Yours - Essential Oils for Health & Wellness

Essential Oils, you heard of them, you have a friend that uses them. Perhaps you've seen them for sale on the shelves of retailers, or you've attended a demonstration and purchased some Essential Oils.  Now........what do you do with them?

We're taking the guess work out of using Essential Oils by offering "ready to use" combinations of pure, therapeutic Essential Oils designed and created for specific physical, emotional, spiritual, health and  wellness.

We use Doterra pure therapeutic Essential Oils which have been tested and meet their strict guidelines, topped off with fractionated coconut oil. Only if, a particular Essential Oil is not available through Doterra, we only then, use Healing Solutions pure therapeutic Essential Oils  or Edens Garden pure therapeutic Essential Oils. No secrets, here!

Our roller bottles and spray bottles contain no other fillers!

We offer products specifically designed for, adults, children, babies and dogs.

Essential Oils are a natural, pure option for the health of your mind, body, and spirit.

Here is your perfect opportunity to give Essential Oils a try!

Click on "What are Essential Oils?" and "What is an Essential Oil? slides to learn more about Essential Oils.

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