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Angels, Archangels and Divine Connection and Protection using Essential Oils

Essential Oils can helps us connect and communicate on a spiritual level to the divine. It is a perfect oil to use for meditation, prayer or spiritual ritual. 

Essential oils are powerful tools for bringing healing to your mind, body, and spirit… They can also help you to connect with your Archangels.

The Archangels are magnificent spiritual beings who illuminate specific attributes and qualities of Creator, God, and of All That Is through the immense Divine Light and love they carry.

The Archangels serve according to Divine will within the Heavens and on Earth, and their missions are often closely intertwined with helping humanity.

Archangels exist outside of any one religion or culture, and they exist outside of time and space. They are able to view reality, including our past, present and future as one stream of energy within the present moment.

They are great beings of light and unconditional love who coordinate and oversee guardian angels, guides, and other angels who provide help to us on Earth.

We have created custom essential oil blends to specifically help connect with each of the 7 Archangels, St. Michael, St Gabriel, St Raphael, Ariel, Jophiel, Chamuel and Azrael.