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"Bring the Passion Back"

Essentially Yours Essential Oils for Health and Wellness

"Bring the Passion Back"

$ 15.00

Passion, an intoxicating feeling that pulls you toward it at all costs. Occasionally, as tantalizing and intoxicating as it is, passion can be suppressed by the same things that elicit the feeling to begin with.

Our essential oil blend can help you and your partner reconnect with the passionate part of your soul. 

Ylang Ylang,  soothing and calming to the mind while increasing your sensual side and personal connection to the type of love, and care you need. 

Lavender, the oil of peace, calm and relaxed feelings, it sets the mood for both calm and passion.

Sandalwood, an aphrodisiac, especially for men and provides energy.

Cinnamon,  invigorates the senses and calms the nerves. It increases desire and creativity.

Roll behind ears, neck, wrists, cleavage, bikini line. Or take off the Roller, pour into your hands, inhale and use as a massage oil!

10 ml hot pink glass roller bottle with metal roller.


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