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"Connect with Angels"

Essentially Yours Essential Oils for Health and Wellness

"Connect with Angels"

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Angels are spiritual beings whose energy is so light and pure, their presence and guidance is easy to miss.  Specific essential oils carry an incredibly high and light frequency, and constant vibration  which when smelled or rubbed on the skin, can help bring you into alignment and tune into the angelic realm.

Peppermint, helps to clear your mind and bring your focus into the present, these are important things for connecting with the Angels. A clear mind and quieting your ego is going to help you tune into your heart so you can then hear the guidance and receive the love with the Angels

Lavender, helps you relax. When you're relaxed and calm, Angelic guidance is so much easier to hear and see and feel and receive Angelic messages.

Frankincense, has an incredibly high vibration it will help you to tune in to a spiritual vibe, and elevate your energy, to link with the Angels.

Apply to the palms of your hands, breathe in. Apply to your third eye, back of neck, wrists.
Focus inward and ask,...... Angel,  please surround me with love and light, help me open my heart and tune into to your love and guidance, tune into your love light and message. Ask this for the highest and greatest good and so it is.                                         

Breathe, relax, listen and experience your angels because they're always all around. Essential  oils can help you to tune in. 

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