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Essential Oils for The Heart Chakra

Essentially Yours Essential Oils for Health and Wellness

Essential Oils for The Heart Chakra

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The  Heart Chakra {Anahata Chakra} is your fourth chakra, located in the center of your chest, next to your heart.  The energy of the heart chakra is associated with love, kindness, compassion and balance.

Heart Chakra issues physically manifest as breathing disorders, breast cancer, chest pain, high blood pressure, immune system problems, muscular tension.
Emotionally, issues with love, forgiveness, compassion, self-control, self-acceptance.

The color is Green. stimulated by nature walks, green food and beverage, time with friends and family. Green gemstones and clothing.

Use our custom blend with Doterra's, Breathe Essential Oil Blend combined with Doterra's, Purify Essential Oil Blend, for the Heart Chakra. Benefits:  Acceptance, Compassion.   

Use this oil for emotional support and balance during meditation chanting "I love and appreciate myself as I am."

Use as a massage oil! Pour onto your palm and massage your partner with love and compassion.

5ml roller bottle. 

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