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Essential Oils for Root Chakra

Essentially Yours Essential Oils for Health and Wellness

Essential Oils for Root Chakra

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The Root Chakra {Muladhara Chakra} is your first chakra, located at the base of your spine. Known as the grounding chakra, it is associated with security and our survival instincts.

Root chakra issues physically manifest as Anemia, fatigue, depression, lower back pain, sciatica. Emotionally as issues learning to stand up for oneself  security issues and dealing with tasks in the material world.

The color red adds vitality, courage and confidence. Use red gemstones, red oils, red food. Stimulated by physical exercise, restful sleep, pottery, gardening.

Use our custom blended essential oils blend for the Root Chakra to stimulate the physical body:  to promote tranquility and relaxation while bringing harmony to the mind and body. 

Apply a couple of drops Essential Oils into the palm of your hand, vigorously rub together, then inhale the aroma. You may also use an a diffuser or wear in a diffuser necklace. Apply on lower back and wrists. Repeat the mantra, "I am enough as I am."

5ml Roller bottle

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