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Essential Oils for Sacral Chakra

Essentially Yours Essential Oils for Health and Wellness

Essential Oils for Sacral Chakra

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The Sacral Chakra { Svadhisthana Chakra} is your second chakra, located in your lower abdomen. Known for it's emotional connections, the Sacral Chakra is strongly associated to your sexual energy and creativity.

Spleen Chakra issues physically manifest as eating disorders, alcohol and drug abuse, candida, depression, low back pain, urinary problems, sensuality issues. Emotionally presented as intimacy issues, inability to socialize, feeling disconnected to emotions and sensing abilities.

The color is Orange and is stimulated by warm, aromatic baths, massage. Orange food. Orange gemstones, orange clothing.

Merging the major benefits of our essential oils, this invigorating blend holds energizing and refreshing properties that can uplift mood and reduce stress. Our blend also promotes a positive attitude creating a blissful and more productive environment and  act as an anti-depressant.

Apply a few drops to your abdomen for soothing relief from cramps. Apply a couple of drops Essential Oils into the palm of your hand, vigorously rub together, then inhale the aroma  Diffuse while you meditate, chanting the mantra "VAM"

5 ml roller bottle


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