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Essential Oils for the Throat Chakra

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Essential Oils for the Throat Chakra

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The Throat Chakra {Vishuddha Chakra} is your fifth chakra, located in your throat.  As you might expect, the throat chakra is related to your speaking and communication, however it is also connected to healing and creativity.

Throat Chakra issues physically manifest as thyroid imbalances, jaw, neck and shoulders problems, mood swings and hormonal issues.
Emotionally Throat Chakra are issues are learning to express the true self, ability to trust, loyalty, organization and planning–either too much of not enough.

The color is Blue opened by singing, poetry, stamp or art collecting, meaningful conversations. Blue gemstones and clothing.

Use our custom blend with Doterra's Whisper Essential Oil Blend and Doterra's Purify Essential Oil Blend.  Benefits:  Communication, Expression.

Roll essential oils onto to pulse points. Inhale. Nurture your throat chakra; apply to the base of the throat.  Additionally, you can drop a couple drops into the palm of your hand, rub your palms together, then inhale the aroma deeply

Essential oils will open up your creativity and help you to express yourself in a more balanced and confident way. A balanced throat chakra inspires calm, confident and clear communication

5 ml roller bottle


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