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"Hemp -  Skin Healing Stick"

Essentially Yours Essential Oils for Health and Wellness

"Hemp - Skin Healing Stick"

$ 12.00

Our blend of Hemp Seed Essential Oil, combined with Lavender Essential Oil, an all purpose blend that's gentle, antimicrobial, calming and restorative. 

Hemp Seed Essential Oil, is an effective moisturizer, soothes skin rashes, and is an effective treatment for Psoriasis, Eczema and Dry Itchy Skin.

Because hemp oil is a natural product with no known side effects, it is ideal for treating skin irritations. It's also the best plant source of balanced omegas 3 and 6.

Lavender Essential Oil, known for its unmistakable aroma, is used to reduce the appearance of skin imperfections. It's also, restorative, a natural antihistamine, a sedative and antimicrobial.

Hemp Seed Essential Oil,  can also bring down the redness and irritation of acne outbreaks.

Nourishes skin, reduces inflammation, antioxidants to guard against skin damage, moisture retention....keep it nearby, you'll be amazed how often you reach for it!

10ml amber glass roller bottle with metal roller ball 

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