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Money Bundle Set

Essentially Yours Essential Oils for Health and Wellness

Money Bundle Set

$ 40.00

Custom blended pure therapeutic Essential Oils for Wealth, Prosperity and Money.

The bundle includes a 10ml glass dropper  bottle of our, custom blended, Essential Oils  for, Wealth and Abundance, Money and a color changing, Essential Oil Diffuser. 
Gift wrapped! 

Diffuse in your home or your business! You can also place a drop or two on a lottery ticket or on money! Wear our Essential Oil blend in a diffuser necklace when you go to a casino or dab some on your wrists.

Wear daily to attract money, place a drop inside your wallet, your purse, anoint your paycheck your and visualize an increase.

Diffuse while paying your bills, preparing your tax return!!

Our custom blend includes Essential Oils traditionally associated with the ability to attract wealth, promote feelings of peace and relaxation.

Also, raise your energy level, improve your mental functioning, intuitive abilities and open up communication lines, uplift the mind and body and spirit. 

The ways to use these Essential Oils for drawing in money, abundance, wealth, prosperity, etc. is limited only by your imagination!

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