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"Saw Wood" - Snoring Blend

Essentially Yours Essential Oils for Health and Wellness

"Saw Wood" - Snoring Blend

$ 12.00

Snoring is a common condition that can affect anyone, although it occurs more frequently in men.  Occasional snoring is usually not very serious and is mostly a nuisance for your bed partner.   Thankfully, sleeping in separate bedrooms isn’t the only remedy for snoring.

Lavender Essential Oil,  is known to help with calming and relaxation also for its ability to treat insomnia. It has anti-bacterial properties which help in curing breathing problems. It loosens mucus and provides relief from congestion. When diffused in the air this can not only help the person snoring, but also the person who is bothered by the snoring! 

Marjoram Essential Oil, is known for boosting health of respiratory system which can result in reducing or completely stopping your snoring. By inhaling scent of Marjoram oil before sleeping, respiratory passages are opened up and help in relieving snoring.

Thyme Essential Oil is believed to one of the best oils for snoring relief with its purifying properties. Many studies have been done on thyme to show it may be used to support respiratory wellness, the immune system, muscular health and joint support. 

Apply to bottom of feet nightly. Also roll onto palms and breathe in. 

10ml roller bottle

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