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"Smudge Spray"

Essentially Yours Essential Oils for Health and Wellness

"Smudge Spray"

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Mystics say the Native American practice of smudging, or purifying a room with the smoke of sacred herbs, can help clear negative energy from a space.

However, there may be instances where burning a smudge stick may not be appropriate. Smudging  a house/room with essential oils is an alternative option.

Palo Santo, which is Spanish for “holy wood,” is a sacred wood from South America that is known for its cleansing properties.

Lavender, is a versatile essential oil known for its anti-bacterial properties.

Sage, is well-known as an herb used for sacred cleansing in Native American and other cultures.

If you have moved into a new place, or have had an argument in your home, you might want to give it a smudge to clear negative energy. 

Give  yourself a spritz first to smudge away any unfavorable energy you may have. Then walk around the room in a clockwise direction, spritzing the spray in the air.

Prayer card included.

4oz plastic, fine mist spray bottle

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