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"St Gabriel" Blend

Essentially Yours Essential Oils for Health and Wellness

"St Gabriel" Blend

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St Gabriel, the Archangel, is The Patron Saint of Messengers, Telecommunications such as radio and television, Postal Workers, Clerics, Diplomats. St Gabriel, provides valuable assistance with projects involving creativity and art, journalism in all aspects including writing and helps us overcome fear and procrastination. Gabriel is the angel who brings man the gifts of mercy and hope. He is the spirit of truth and the prince of justice.

Lavender for its calming and relaxing qualities. 

Rosemary, to maintain concentration and to help reduce nervous tension and occasional fatigue.

Geranium, helps calm nerves and lessen feelings of stress. 

Wild Orange, possesses stimulating and purifying qualities,  

Spruce, promotes an openess and clarity for the mind  while clearing away sadness, sluggishness or mental fatigue. Also helps make a clear path beyond old and stuck emotions.

Rose, to battle situations where mental status is dampened, or otherwise impaired.

Roll on your pulse points, roll onto your hand and inhale, while praying to St Gabriel to guide us through the struggles of daily life, live harmoniously, develop our intuition, bless us with the ability to communicate clearly and listen to the messages of all our senses.

10 ml rolll 

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